2016 News that May Be Important Only to Me

2016 News that May be Only Important to Me…


  • Yep, the Cubs won the World Series and I was happy for them. But even with an owner making megabucks from his MASN TV rights who still won’t spend, the Orioles made the playoffs again.


  • I still don’t know who Harambe is.


  • Though working through third parties, Finnish company Nokia is still remaining in the mobile phone business.


  • My adopted state of Indiana was a key player in the presidential election. Donald Trump selected Indiana governor Mike Pence to be his running mate. The Carrier company and its relocation of jobs overseas was a big campaign issue. The Guardian chose the subject of a famous sociological study, Muncie, as the focus of a profile of the average American voter.


  • An American expat, rookie Alexander Rossi, won the Indianapolis 500. It was also my first live viewing of the race. Scratch one off the Bucket List.


  • Barack Obama was the first American president to make an official visit to Cuba in 88 years. Thus, our relations with that country are developing, making it likely their products will end up on our shores, like Cuban cigars. Not that I can smoke them. I had a strong Latin cigar in Ybor City, Tampa’s Latin quarter, this summer and threw up.


  • Confirming my longstanding belief that the US will eventually end up as kind of a loose group of autonomous areas in the mode of the Soviet Union after the demise of the Communist leadership there, both Texas and California made strong noise about exiting. The talk has been inspired by the UK leaving the European Union (i.e. Brexit).


  • An Italian study revealed this week that 90,000 Christians have been martyred around the globe this year. I doubt if any of them were in the US.


  • Despite the news media glorifying celebrity deaths this year, numerous figures are still alive and kicking in their 90s. These personages include Billy Graham, Dick Van Dyke, Olivia DeHavilland, Kirk Douglas, Carl Reiner, Doris Day, Jerry Lewis, Monty Hall (Let’s Make Deal), and Henry Kissinger.


  • The corruption of the news media was finally exposed during the presidential election, resulting in a year end discussion of a phenomenon now called “Fake News”. Where this discussion will lead is anyone’s guess, but there is fear it could result in censorship, depending on whose ox is being gored.

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